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Mike Warren dba - Go2Golfman is a provider of golf products and services to better daily fee golf courses, private country clubs and golf resorts in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Northern Illinois. Since 1996, Mike's primary focus has been that of an independent sales professional specializing in golf and golf lifestyle products like high end footwear, better apparel and premium cigars as well as logo embellished headwear, metals, golf/spa towels and tournament event gifts.

Since 2004, Mike has also served as a regional and national sales mentor/manager and sat on several advisory boards and committee's for companies like Ashworth, The Game and Legendary Headwear as well as provided consultive services to several golf fashion and accessories companies in the area's of sales team development, line presentation and customer service/relations. 

Recently with the encouragement of several clients, Mike established "59 Consulting" offering his knowledge and personal assistance to golf courses and private country clubs in a wide variety of golf shop operation area's. Mike has made thousands of visits to hundreds of golf shops taking away something from each visit. Combined with nearly 40 years of experience in direct retail, retail and wholesale sales, sales training and customer service he provides a long menu of for fee services including: budgeting, merchandise selection advisemnet, buying plan assistance with a primary focus on customer service driven retail training.        

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